Hurt community,

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and share a little about what I am doing. My name is Barry Walton. I am living in San Francisco and stumbled across the HURT 100 several months ago when a friend of mine started sharing about his hobby of ultra running and a race he had entered called the HURT. Over the past couple of months I have started to gather footage of training for the HURT and building information on the race and all that goes into it. On the race day I intend to hike the 20 mile trail backward throughout the day and into the night profiling the track and grabbing footage of the runners. As well grabbing the opening and closing ceremonies. I would be very interested in getting to know any and all runners that will be traveling from the bay area as I am interested in shooting training and further profiling other runners (I currently am profiling a one male runner and would be interested in profiling more male and at least one female runner as well). I also welcome other runners as I would enjoy meeting you at the race and interviewing you before, during, and/or after. I would also be interested in learning about the history of the event, interesting facts, thoughts about the course, interesting parts of the ultra sub-culture, and personal experiences with the HURT and ultra running in general.

Feel free to contact me at: If you would like to preview some of my work you can do this at:

I look forward to learning more so that I can give this event and sport justice.

Barry Walton