2008 Western States Participants


Congratulations and best of luck to Ernest Tay and Marion Yasuda, the only two runners selected for the 2008 Western States 100 from Hawaii.

Here’s what it said in the WS site:
There were about 1,350 applications received this year. The complete list is HERE. There are 357 slots available this year, 166 of which have been filled by  "automatics,"  such as top ten male and female finishers in last year’s Race, Two-Time Losers, etc. That leaves 191 slots to be filled via the Lottery Drawing and about 1,190 names to draw from. The odds of any one applicant being drawn is about 16% — a 1 in 6.22 chance.

So their odds were pretty slim but now that they are in, I know they will train hard and give their best.