12/15 Trail Work Details

We have another nice group going up on the trails this Saturday (12/15) to
work on some slide areas near the top of Manoa Cliff trail. We’ll met at the
Pumping Station at 6 am, and consolidate into one vehicle (it will
be     tight). The plan is to drive with our tools to the
Roundtop road crossing, at the top of Moleka Trail, and beginning of the Cliff
Trail. From there we’ll hike in and divide up to attack the hill.
I’m exploring the possibility of driving to the top of "Concrete" if
someone will let us through the gate.
Please bring your own water bottle (I used two Wednesday), a snack, garden
gloves, bug repellant, rain gear, a favorite
tool, ( lopper,or folding hand saw) if you want
(although I will bring Na Ala Hele’s picks, shovels, rakes, polaskis, hoes, )
for all of us to share.
Saturday’s plan is to work until about 11 or 11:30- I have to go a family
member’s ballet, and need to be in Kaneohe by 1 pm. Anyway, if we all leave
the hill by no later than 11:30, we’ll be plenty pooped by then.
Thank you for the good numbers signing up- I know there are those of you
that have worked your major training day around this work day, and everyone
appreciates that a lot.
Any questions, call PJ at 351-1453. Let me know if you have a last minute
"can’t get there" so we won’t be waiting for you in the early morning  at
our start. We will go rain or shine, unless there is