Xterra Results

Maui Xterra World Championships submitted by Paul Sibley


Congrats to a wonderful race by a few local ultra runners. With
added support to fellow racers who saw many flats, both Steve and Paul
completed the off road course in Makena, Maui this weekend. Thanks to their excellent ultra training, they were prepared with the right equipment to mange what unfolded. For one, it was that mystery moment with nature that requires wet wipes. Not saying who, but not Paul. And then the race continues!


Steve posted a sub 4-hour time with a top 200 overall swim and run time against the best off road triathletes in the world. He placed 37th in his division, and then he ate, showered and changed clothes before seeing Paul who placed 46th in his division cross the finish line about 36 minutes later wearing a chartreuse yellow shirt and sweet looking adventure hat. Kudos to Paul for his excellent taste in style. Paul’s excuse was that he helped a pro triathlete fix three flats; sounds like a likely story. But Steve’s use of the bush topped Paul’s well crafted excuse, and now, on to the preparation for HURT!

Here’s a link to all of the results.

I noticed Paul Hopwood finished second overall in the 10K trail race on Saturday. Read about it here.