Playin Hooky

Somedays are made just to go play.
And that’s exactly what Don and I did on
Don’s schedule has been nuts lately, so he’s not been able
to get out with us training like he usually does.
So when he asked me if I could go out with him to Peacock
on Wed.,,,I said of course.
We began at 7am….and almost half way up the switchbacks,
David Carlsson joined us.
We mostly power walked,,,but as you all know, keeping up
with Don’s power walking is like a jog.
We were all over that mountain,,,,the weather was great,
the views spectacular, and for me being out there with my friends is always the
best.  One friend pulling the other up the hard climbs.
David left us at the gate at Peacock and ran down the
road, as he needed to get to work.  Don and I took Gordon’s loop back
onto the trail and down into the farms.
Without Gordon there leading,,,no matter how hard you
try,,,you always get lost.
But Don and I had a plan,,,follow the dirt road….it just
took a little cross country to get to it!
We all live in this beautiful place, and most of the time
we keep our schedules so busy we forget to have fun….
Yesterday was fun,,,hard work, good training,,,but
Sometime playing hooky is a good

Aloha, Cheryl