Windward Half Marathon Photos

Barbi and I took the dogs for a walk this morning and got to watch much of the Windward Half Marathon. It was a warm morning. Lots of familiar faces. I tried to take a few photos however I have a new camera so some are a bit blurry and others I missed altogether. Some notes. We saw Jozef out there, also Keith Moon, and Gary Marr. Of course the FleetFeet Sports people were there, Susan, George, and Julie. Julie was second woman overall!! David Carlsson was out and surprisingly back towards the back. I told Barbi he must be injured. Then we saw him again, he told us why. He had run the Hana Relays on Saturday–Solo. He ran 52 miles the day before and today was a just a back to back training run. Wow!

Ben Cavazos’ wife Bev and her brother were out running as well. Bev told us Ben is planning a version of the HURT 100 in Kuwait. Bob Murphy had two of his HURT 100 pacers at the race, Jim and Gail.

The men’s winner was fast–1:22 I think was the finishing time–Dave Eager. The women’s winner was Rachel Ross. I don’t have her times or others. Check with FleetFeet. I am sure they will have all the times.


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