Some Fun Light Options

I came across this and it looks pretty cool. It’s a hydration vest that includes what looks like a pretty good LED headlight and two taillights. There is a trail, road, and bottle pack option. Check it out here.

The Speedgoats (Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason) were talking up the Petzl e+lite. You can read about it here.

Finally, I received a REI Fall 2007 catalog and there was an Inova Bolt 4.6 Watt LED flashlight that sounds really bright.

Why all this talk about lights? For all you H.U.R.T. 100 runners, now is the time to be testing and trying out your lighting systems to use during the race. You will definitely want to get some practice night runs in. We’ll have almost 12 hours of darkness at race time.

Get out and run!
Aloha, Bob