Saturday Training 9-22-07

Aloha Athletes !

It’s time to "kick it up a notch" and return to Gordon’s Secret Training ground, the beautiful Peacock Flats. There are views that will knock your socks off ! It’s also a guarantee that your heartrate monitor will reach virgin territory with this challenging route. Unless you are familiar and comfortable with the area, please make it to the start on time…after that, we’ll make sure you don’t get lost. Come out to Dillingham Airfield by 5:50 am, park around back and we’ll head out at 6:00 am. This early in the morning there’s almost no traffic, so you get there quicker than you think. Bring extra water (minimum of 100 oz. recommended on the trail) and a few trail snacks, bars, gels and bloks. There will be limited stash on the trail. Be there !  Don