Volcano Race Photos & last reminder for Saturday Race

Someone sent me a disc with photos from this past weekend’s Volcano races. Was it Nick? Harald? Jozef? I am not sure. Thank you and next time, please include a return address or note so I know who took the photo’s.  Click here to view. OK, it was Jozef who sent these photos! Thanks Jozef.

As I was loading and configuring the above photos, I found some others that someone had uploaded. Not sure who–same person as above?? Click here to view. These were from Nick Kaiser! Thanks Nick.

Remember, click the first photo to enlarge them.

Thanks again for sending me these. Sending me a disc is for now the easiest way for me to upload photos to the site. I have some other ideas on how we might do it easier however I have not had time to check them out yet.

Finally, don’t forget the Maunawili Out and Back H.U.R.T. Trail Series race is Saturday morning.
Click here for more details.