Saturday Training: 6/23/07, Kaena Point Preview Run

Aloha Athletes,

The next H.U.R.T. Trail Series race is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 mile race on June 30. As preparation for the race, we will be doing a preview run this Saturday. This preview run will be a bit different than the race itself in that we will be starting at the Dillingham Airfield instead of the actual race start. We are doing this for parking/car security reasons.

However this will add some additional distance to the training run of maybe two miles or so. It will be hot and there will be no aid station on this training run, so plan accordingly and bring plenty of water–at least two bottles worth.

Meeting time: 6:45 am (Please be on time–allow an hour drive from Honolulu/Windward.)

Starting time: 7:00 am

Meeting place: Dillingham Airfield (drive to the far end or past
Dillingham Airfield and turn left into the last gate at the airfield…circle around
back and park in the parking lot.)

Training: Run to the race start, approximately one mile, run the Kaena Point race course, and return to cars

Distance: Approximately 12+ miles

Time: Ave-1-1/2 to 2 hrs

IMPORTANT !! Bring plenty of water and carry a minimum of two bottles or 40 ounces. 

Plan ahead and bring all the water/sports drink/food/electrolytes
that you will need. This can be a very dry, hot area and you will most-likely consume
more fluids than normal. A hat and sunscreen are a must !

It’s all good training! Aloha, Bob