Follow Along the Western States 100

There’s a few hundred people hoping they get a good nights sleep as I write this late Thursday evening. Why? Because these same people probably won’t sleep very well on Friday night, the night before the Western States 100 starts.

For some of our new friends, Western States is like the Indy 500 of auto racing. It started as a horse race and one year a guy by the name of Gary had a lame horse. He decided to run it all by himself. That’s an extremely shortened version of the story. For more about Western States, click here.

Hawaii has three runners entered this year, Steve Dewald, Jeff Huff and Cheryl Loomis. Former Hawaii runner, Judy Carluccio is also running. We wish them all cool breezes, strong legs, and no blisters!

If you would like to follow along this weekend, click here. Western States has a pretty high tech webcast of the race. There are several aid stations so it is easy to see how our runners are doing.