Mango Madness -Hurt Trail Series Run- June 9th

Mango Madness Trail Run 

Date:    June 9th, 2007,  7:00 AM Start

Where:  At the Upper Makiki Triangle Park (Water Tank Park) below the Nature Center Entrance. (Makiki Heights Drive and Round Top Drive intersection)

Entry Fee:  $10 per entry

An Easy Ten in the Sun

The Mango Madness run is approximately a 10 Miler, primarily trails, along the Honolulu Trail System trails above the Makiki Nature Center, chunks of trails most of us have seen, but in kind of a mad mix.  The race starts at the Triangle Park  (where the water tank is) at the upper reaches of Makiki Street, and just above where Roundtop and Makiki Heights Drives form.

In deference to the rabbits the route begins with a delightful romp up Makiki Heights Drive to the Nature Center access road, and up the access road to the trail head.  It then goes across the stream, wandering along the stream bank past the Nature Center, and takes a left at the Korean Sign, then across the Moleka foot bridge, around the ‘Signs’ bend, across the other foot bridge, to Center Trail. 

The course then makes a pleasant sojourn along Center Trail to the ‘Three Way’ at the ‘Top’ of Center Trail, turns left, and gently makes it way along the slopes of Makiki Valley Trail (Mango’s) to the Nahuina Trail.  Right at Nahuina where it wanders back along the valley to Tantalus Road.   At Tantalus road the route ambles right along the road for about 100 yards, and then finds  ‘Concrete’ Road at the Kalawhahine Trailhead. 

An easy jog along Concretes to the summit, then down the small dip, and to the mauka Microwave Station.  At the left of the fence around the Station and to the Pu’uohia Trail which winds down the back side of Pu’uohia. Then Makai along Manoa Cliffs and it’s all a pleasant down hill jaunt from the hill top to the finish along the old familiar scenes of a ‘reverse trek’ loop;  crossing Tantalus Road and down the Moleka Trial.  Moleka through the bamboo, along the cliff side, through the high trees, and down onto the Diamondhead side of Makiki Valley Trail.  Takes a right onto Makiki Valley Trail, down toward the bench at the top of Hog Back’s, right along the ‘Cross-over’ portion of Makiki Valley Trail, and back to the ‘Three Way’.  Left at the Three way and returns down Center Trail back toward the Nature Center, right at the Korean Sign, and back down across the stream.  Finally we give the Roadies a chance to compete with a quarter mile downhill jog to the finish. 

Everyone gets a finishers award, even the winners!  (If they arrive from the mainland on time) Lots of food, drinks, and great runner’s conversations about the best kind of lubricants to use for chaffing and how to stop yer shorts from bunchin.

This is always a fun run and great time.  It is a wonderful way to see the trails if you don’t normally run them.  Everyone is welcome.  We look forward to seeing new faces and we will try our best to make you feel right at home.