Saturday Training: 4-28-07 Halawa Ridge Again!!

Aloha Athletes !   

Based on the overall beauty and Gordon’s availability, we are taking advantage of the clear trail and running Halawa Ridge Trail. If you have never done this trail, get out there Saturday.

Here’s the plan: Halawa Ridge Trail to the Summit

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: The end of Iwaena Street in the back of Halawa Valley. Parking is along the road and on a Saturday is not a problem.

Training: We will go under H-3 and climb up to the
ridge on the Diamond Head side of H-3. The trail follows the ridge all
the way back to the Pali cliff’s edge overlooking the Kaneohe side of
the H-3 tunnels.

Distance: 7 – 8 miles one-way. Round trip is 14-16 miles.

Time: Plan 5 – 6-1/2 hours roundtrip (I heard some fast runners did it in around 4 hours last week.)

What to bring: Lots of water (72 oz. minimum),
enough for the time on the trail and something to eat at the summit and
along the way. You might consider carrying extra water and dropping some
along the way since it is an out and back. Sunscreen.The trail was
maintained recently by the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club, however
near the summit there are Uluhe fern and it can scratch ankles. Camera,
great shots from the summit if it is clear.

It’s all good training!

Aloha, Bob