Don’s Badwater Training is Heating Up…and I’ve Been Burned!

Imgp5288_6 This past Saturday, in a noble gesture to help get Don ready for Badwater, I awoke early and met the HURT crew out at Ho’omaluhia for some light training.  Little did I know that Don’s Badwater quest has jacked up his aggression and intensity quite a bit, and that the smallest provocation can set him off like a powder keg.  Jogging down the road, I innocently enough inquired if he thought it wise for a runner of his "maturity" to be attempting this event.  Before I knew it, I was on the ground and bleeding!  Be forewarned. 

aloha, Matt

PS: The truth may be closer to the fact that I’m inwardly evnious of the great adventure he is on, and was subsequently distracted while stewing on this and tripped on my own poorly tied shoelace.  That’s probably closer to the truth.  GO DON!! We’re all behind this quest!