Saturday Training: 2-3-07

Aloha Athletes,

Last week we had a good size group out for the start of Run to the Sun training. Unfortunately, with Cheryl sleeping in, we had to ad-lib a bit on the route out through Manoa Valley. Funny when you think about it, we are basically trail runners and know our way around the trails pretty good. Get us on the roads and we get lost. We did fine though and included showing visiting runner, Suzanne Weightman some of the sights along the route.

This week it is back for more of the same, Run to the Sun training: Manoa Valley and repeats up Tantalus and Concrete. Don’t worry, we’ll throw in some Ho’omaluhia to Pali Lookout runs for variety. Remember, it’s all good training! P.S. I heard there might be rides back down this week.

Saturday Training 2-3-07  "Manoa/Tantalus Road"

Meeting time: 6:20 am

Starting time: 6:30 am

Meeting place: Makiki Heights Drive across from the water pumping
station. This is in the neighborhood below the Hawaii Nature Center.

Training: a 10 mile Manoa road loop, followed by 2 (or more) trip up
Tantalus Rd. to the top of Concrete Rd.  Return via road or trail.

Distance: approx. 19 miles

Duration: approx. 5-1/2 hours ave.

Bring: Water, snacks, electrolytes–whatever you might need.

Aloha, Bob