Mahalo to the Following HURT 100 Supporters

We wanted to get out a pre-race Mahalo (Thank You) to some of the HURT 100 Mile Endurance Run Supporters. The following companies and individuals have contributed in various ways to make the race a success. We appreciate their generous support. Please support them. A complete list will be put together after the race.

Current (but not complete) list of donors posted below:

Paul Curren: Montrail –

Erik Herman: Clif –

George Plomarity: Patagonia –

John O’Malley: Ultimate Direction, Two-Toms –,

Krissy Moehl:  Nathan –

Matthew Hart and Katherine Bex:  Nunn Active Hydration –

Joel Jenkins:  Thorlo –

Ray Woo:  Runner’s HI –

Mae Martinez:  HURT member, creator of runner’s Hawaiian Print Bags

Tesh Teshima:  Raceday Photos for all HURTs

Toby Hirashima and Vanessa Huff: Express Trucking

Clyde Kaneshiro:  Honolulu Disposal Service, Inc.