Saturday Training, 11-4-06: Two HURT Loops, Starting at Manoa

Aloha Athletes, It’s time to do a double loop. Please note the 5:00 a.m. start time.

As always, you can join us for part of the day or a portion of the HURT course. Don’t feel you have to go 40 miles if you just want to get some training or trail experience.

Saturday Training

Meeting time: 4:50 am

Starting time: 5:00 am

Meeting place: The mauka end of Manoa Rd. just before it narrows, as it heads back into Paradise Park.  Park on the street and please be quiet as this is a residential neighborhood.

Training: Two full HURT loops

Distance: 40 miles

Duration: 10 – 12 + hrs.

Stash: Water & Gatorade in Nuuanu. Water at the Nature Center

Bring: Water & other nutritional aid for your own use at the start/finish.

Good training! Aloha, Bob