Ran across a nice article in Hawaiian Airline’s "Hana Ho" magazine when I was coming home from the Kilauea Wilderness run. Here’s a link if you would like to read the article, click here.





While out there on the TTT course this weekend, take a moment to reflect on the fact that Na Ala Hele, the state of Hawaii’s Trail and Access Program must oversee and maintain over 40 Oahu trails, totaling more than 80 miles.  Statewide, NAH maintains over 300 miles of hiking trails and 350 miles of 4-Wheel drive roads.  This work is coordinated by Aaron Lowe.  His only assistance on Oahu comes from inmate help and volunteer groups like Sierra Club and HURT.

For those interested, Na Ala Hele conducts "Makiki Wai" watershed projects every month.  Volunteers come from every walk of life to help.  Larger groups, like HURT, can arrange work parties with Aaron for sections of the trails on which we run. 

After the recent heavy rains, the HURT 100 course is in dire need of grooming.  It is a good time to volunteer your services.  With more and more mainland runs requiring trail work as a requirement for entry, Hawaii runners can "kill two birds with one stone."