2007 HURT 100 Application and Other Information

I received the 2007 HURT 100 application and other files from Jeff Huff and have updated the links on the right hand column of this site under HURT 100 Race Links.

This year, the application form is a pdf document with data fields that can be filled out on your computer so we have a nice legible form. Click here for the application. Please note it requires a copy of Adobe Acrobat reader which almost everyone has. However, click here if you need to download Acrobat.

The only file not yet available is the Rules and Procedures. This will be available for download soon as it is still being reviewed for any changes that may need to be made for 2007.

I’ve heard from HURT runners who have returned from races on the mainland, that there is already talk among mainland runners about who might be coming out to race in 2007. After the performance last year of Karl Meltzer and Beverly Anderson-Abbs, the HURT 100 continues to grow in interest and popularity.

Get your application in early (limited to 100 runners) and commit to training for this tough race!