Recovery Tips from Scott Dunlap

I found this information on post-race recovery at Scott Dunlap’s blog to be pretty interesting. Scott recently completed Miwok and offered up some good tips on his blog that work for him. Check it out here! What do you do for recovery? Click on Comments to let us know!

Barbi and I were out on the trails late yesterday–did the route for the June 3rd "Mango Madness" H.U.R.T. Trail Series race. We found the trails to be in pretty good shape. There was mud where you expect it (Nahuhina) and dry trails in other places. Also a few trees across the trails. I had heard talk about how bad Center trail was after all the heavy rains. Personally I didn’t think it was that bad. Looked like some efforts had been made to fill in some of the deeper ruts with large rocks.

Get out there and run! Aloha, Bob