American Disabilities Act – Trail Head Compliance

Aloha Runners,

Just a few quick notes…

A.  Beginning May 22, 2006 the Kanealole and Maunalaha trailhead access will be closed.  Construction work for ADA compliance will be ongoing for a minimum of 4-5 months (weather permitting). 

This means:

     1.  The small concrete bridge (HURT 100 Start) will be closed off for renovation.

     2.  Old restrooms will be closed for renovation and installation of a new leaching field.  Handicap parking will be constructed.  Some of the large trees near the restrooms will be removed.

     3.  Runners/hikers can access the trail through the bamboo thicket just below and to the right of the new Nature Center building.  Aaron has already cut a new trail and signs will be posted.  Be prepared to cross the stream.

     4.  Porta-potties will be available in the lower parking area.

If the bridge and restrooms are not reopened we may have to make some modifications to the Start/Finish for HURT VII.  The new Nature Center structure now has electrical power, but NC will not be able to get a C.O. (Certificate of Occupancy) from the City until the ADA work has been completed and accepted.  Their staff is requesting a temporary C.O.


B.  DLNR and the Manoa community will hold a meeting on 18 May to discuss increasing pig hunting days and NIGHTS on the Makiki trail system.  As a side note, total reported pig catch for April totaled 20 animals.  One hunter caught 9 pigs.  Biggest pigs trapped were in Foster Village and Manoa (135# each!).


C.  Aaron Lowe of DLNR has lost his assistant Jason Misaki to the Oahu Wildlife program.  At this time, only Aaron and a small prisoner workforce maintain the entire trail system for Oahu – quite a task!  When you see him out there, please stop and say "Mahalo."  Your volunteer assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A hui ho!