Saturday Training 12-17-05

Aloha Athletes !

Dryer than expected trails and cool breezes greeted our small band of up-beat non-Honolulu Marathoners on Saturday on the Maunawili Trail. It was an enjoyable day of HURT-style comraderie. Big thanks to Rex for providing the stash and to Bob McAllaster for some awesome cookies for the finish.

Congratulations to all that competed in the Honolulu Marathon !

Saturday Training 12-17-05 "HURT 50 Mile Training Run"

Meeting time: 4:50 am

Starting time: 5:00 am

Meeting place: The mauka end of Manoa Rd. just before it narrows, as it heads back into Paradise Park.  Park on the street and please be quiet as this is a residential neighborhood. Good luck to all !  I will be leaving Friday night for our annual year-end vacation. This year we will be in South Africa, Zambia and Botswana.

Training: 2 HURT loops plus a Triple Trek loop sandwiched in thusly: Starting at Paradise Park, go up and over to the Nature Center. Then complete a Triple Trek loop, followed by finishing the first HURT loop via going to Jackass Ginger and back to Paradise. The 2nd HURT loop will be Paradise to the Nature Center to Jackass and return to Paradise.

Distance: 50 miles

Duration: 15-17 hours (ave.)

Stash: Don will be dropping stash at Jackass Ginger and Cheryl will be dropping stash at the Nature Center. It’s also rumored that PJ and Barbi plan to provide additional goodies. Cool !

Happy Holidays and see you all in 2006 !

Aloha !