Saturday Training Report

This past Saturday I was able to get out on the trails after some scheduled work fell through. I had put in a long week of work-related late nights and fighitng off a cold so I wasn’t sure how the day would go.

As it turned out, the trails were the driest (not sure of the condition after Sunday’s heavy rains) they have been in a long time. Unfortunately it was also the most humid day I have ever had out on the trails. There was no breeze and nothing but thick, humid air.

Murphy and I started off together and spent the day getting in 40 miles. We did our best to stay hydrated and kept popping electrolytes. We each had our tough stretches throughout the day and our overall time was turtle slow, however we stuck it out and got in the miles.

I heard Gerg and Gordon were out there, though I never saw them. Throughout the day we also passed Marion and Neal, Steph and Felsiha, Dr. Bill, and even Mike and Jerry. Cheryl was out as well and PJ did  one lap with her. Hey PJ, did you enjoy the Eagles?

Cheryl was kind enough to hang around and meet up with Murphy and me to make sure we got home safe! 🙂

Special thanks goes out to Rex and Kat for dropping stash at the N.C. and to Cheryl and PJ for dropping at Nuuanu.

Aloha and good training! Bob