NA ALA HELE Trail Advisory Board Meeting


Just a few bits of information from tonight’s Trail Advisory meeting:

     1.  Due to continued tort damage claims plus at least 15 reported auto break-ins at Manoa Falls, the upper parking lot is permanently closed.  Parking is available at Paradise Park for $5.00 or you may park in the neighborhood below.  Be careful when parking at the NC!

     2.  Summer YCC Program Technicians have worked hard to clear and grade parts of the Manoa Cliffs Trail. HURT will be doing Trail work on the eroded sections above Kalawahine on 20 August.  Details to follow shortly in a separate post.

     3.  The Sierra Club has started transport of gravel onto the Manoa Falls Trail.  We should have a nicely groomed trail for HURT VI!

     4.  DLNR plans to cut a new bipass trail from the new parking area up to NC soon.  The primary reason is safety.  There is a dangerous mix of pedestrians and service vehicles on the narrow entry road.  The new trail will be on the upper side and comes out just above the rock walls where our HURT 100 pre-race is held.  Runners can expect to see lots of interesting plants that remain from an aboretum that once graced the area.


Mike G.