Running the Contour Trail

Brian Wilson in a comment on the overall H.U.R.T. Hawaii blog has asked if anyone has run the contour trail?

To answer that question, I might need some more clarification as to what you mean by the contour trail?

I have been on a trail referred to as the contour trail at the base of the Waianae Mountains on the Kunia side. I had access to this trail when hiking on a guided Nature Conservancy hike. I thought it was a great trail, just not sure it is open to the public on a regular basis.

The other trail that might be referred to as the contour trail could be the Maunawili Trail from the hairpin turn on the Pali to Waimanalo. This trail was built to follow the contours of a certain elevation as much as possible. Most of us have run this trail numerous times.

Brian, please clarify if either of these are the trail you are referring to. Thanks!

Aloha, Bob

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  1. Hey Bob, I was refering to the Contour trail at the base of the Waianae. Do you know if it ever opens or how to find out? Also, I know you guys are getting your legs used to the asphalt, but anyone for Waimano on a thurs AM in the future.
    Brian Wilson

  2. Hi Brian,
    Thanks Brian! That clarifies it. I am not sure how to get access. I was with a group at the time and as I mentioned, the hike was led by the Nature Conservancy. I think they hold rights to the land out there.
    Regarding a Thur. a.m. at Waimano. I’ve never done that but I typically have a meeting early Thursday mornings. Aloha, Bob

  3. Can anybody direct me to information about a perimeter run? Potential routes, etc? Thanks.

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