2024 Kealia Quad Crusher’s Mahalo

Congratulations to the 100 finishers that toed the line at this year’s Quad Crusher. It is great to
see so many new faces taking on the challenge and succeeding! It was an uncertain weather
year … starting out with some drizzle which made the hills slick and turning into a sunny day to
heat up everyone coming down on their second loop. Many thanks to the Uloha Outdoor Store
team who provided the aid station at the turn-around (sorry, no bonus miles this year). It was a
joy to see nothing but smiles at the finish line.

This race was a success because of the 20+ amazing volunteers who worked behind the scene
and on the scene to make this a successful event from the permitting, parking, course marshals,
safety patrol (who were needed), aid station help, photographers, and timers. Thank you all for
being so awesome!

Congratulations to the top 3 male and female winners:


  1. Sergio Florian
  2. Patrick McClernon
  3. David Herr
L-R: Patrick McClernon (2nd), Sergio Florian (1st), David Herr (3rd)


  1. Teresa Allman
  2. Kristen Maxwell
  3. Lisa Swartzfager
L-R: Kristen Maxwell (2nd), Teresa Allman (1st), Lisa Swartzfager (3rd)

Photos and Results

Hope to see you all at Mango Madness in a few weeks for some more hills and more trail fun!


Dana & Matt