HURT Inc – What’s That About?

HURT can trace its roots back to the early 80s. This was the time of the running boom, and there were 10Ks and half marathons every month, and the Honolulu Marathon was the ultimate goal for most Hawai’i runners.  There were very few trail runners, and even fewer ultra runners.  However, these few were the core that formed the original HURT, the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team…

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  1. This is a wonderful story of the tremendous and inspiring legacy of HURT 💚⛰

  2. My first ultra was at age 50, a HURT 50K at Schofield Barracks. After the race I met Kawika Spaulding, Akabil Molmen and others. What great inspiration! The next year I ran a 50M race in Oregon and kept going. I have now run 68 ultras (and 239 marathons).

  3. My classmate Dr Gordon Ainsleigh from Chiropractic college in Portland Oregon started a race called Western States in California..he said it actually started out as a man and horse race but one year his two horses got sick so he showed up without his horses and ran it unofficially of course..and he said he actually beat some of the horses!..after word got out about what he accomplished the race eventually became a full fledged running race!…he was also a brown belt in karate when we were classmates so we worked out together sometimes..he has finished numerous Western States runs and has all the belt buckles to show for it..was just wondering if you’ve ever heard of him in the ultra running community here in Hawaii?

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