Final Firecrack 10 Mile info for Runners and Volunteers


  • Race start is 7am 2 July here: MAP
  • Parking will be in a small area to the left as you get to the race, and along both sides of the road 
  • Check in prior to 6:45am for your number to ensure you are able to start on time
  • All runners must carry at least 20 oz. of water at the start
  • Be prepared for a nice comfortable run out and a warm, sunny, and into the wind return trip
  • Be respective of the non-running park visitors, do not harass any of the wild life
  • Holiday festive attire is encouraged 
  • Please bring a dish to share (if you can) 


  • Please show up at 6am to help with setup and get your duty location assignments 
  • Be prepared to be on course or at aid station 2-3 hours 
  • Have a hat/umbrella, sunscreen, hydration, some snacks, and what ever else you think you may need
  • Festive attire is also encouraged and you too Must Have Fun At All Times 🙂


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Benita or I.



Arvel and Benita