4th of July, Kaena Point Firecracker 10+ Mile Run Final Instructions


It is time to focus on getting some rest, eating well, and getting up early on Saturday July 4th to travel to the North Shore and run around Kaena Point.

Your final instructions:

  • The race starts at 7 AM
  • This is a Pot Luck event, if you can, please share a favorite dish with all of us 🙂
  • It is the 4th of July and your festive attire is welcome!!
  • Please bring a Smile and some Aloha to share, you can be disqualified or pulled from the course if you are mean, grumpy, or obnoxious  :)
  • Plan for some warm and windy weather (hat/visor/sunglasses/sunscreen) 
  • Every Runner should carry water, 20oz bottle is recommended at a minimum.
  • Parking is limited, there will be a "Parking Czar" please follow guidance and park where directed. Although we do have a permit to run, we still have to share parking with the general public as well.
  • Bring things for after the run like a chair, change of cloths, cooler, etc. and enjoy our company and celebrate your peers finishing.


We all greatly appreciate your support and hope you have a Great run, and a safe weekend!!!




Arvel and Benita