Saturday Preview Run: 2.15.14 Aiea Loop Trail

Aloha Athletes,

I know it's last minute but if anyone is looking for something fun to do this weekend, join Mike and Cheryl for the first course preview run of the season. Mike is one of the RD's behind the 'Aiea Loop Express 7 miler' so they will be running just that…7 miles! Feel free to run it multiple times for a bonus workout.

Meet at the lower parking lot in the park at 6:30.

'Aiea Loop Trail
Trail Length:
4.8 mi. loop
Activity: Pedestrian
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Terrain: Forested and open ridge
Elevation Gain: 900 ft

And most importantly, don't forget to sign up for the race!


Aiea Loop Express 7 mile