How to Follow the HURT 100 this Weekend

Aloha Athletes,

We know most of you will be out at the HURT 100 this weekend. For many it is the culmination of months of training, for others you will be there volunteering at an aid station, serving as a pacer or safety patrol. However if you can't get out, you have a couple of options. 

You can follow live tracking of runners via

Another option this year is to watch live via

Ultrasportslive will have camera's set up at all three aid stations. I am not sure if they will be out on the course at other locations or not. 

Of course I am sure there will be Facebook updates and Twitter tweets as well. Use the hastag #HURT100.

For the last several years the HURT 100 course has been relatively dry. This year we might have a bit more mud given the rain over the last few days. 

So get out there if you can and support the race. We got an incredible field of runners this year and they would love your support. 

Aloha, Bob