Clean Up Crew Needed for Sunday of HURT at Nature Center

Thank you everybody for your quick response to our request for volunteers. We have now filled the schedule of shifts for food prep and runner servicing!
However, we still need to confirm who is able to show up at 5pm Sunday to help with the aid station shut-down. What's involved is a gradual process of moving supplies out of the station near the end. We still need to keep food and drinks out on the tables for the last finishers, but we can get a few thing out of the way until then.
At 6, we move the picnic tables to their original locations, and take out most of the coolers etc (after emptying them). Everything eventually (by 6:30) has to be moved out to the U-haul, and the lawn (lost and found stuff). We try to give away any usable food items, so it doesn't have to be thrown out.
Last step is to hose down all the decks, and clean the area (including the bathrooms) to leave it as we found it. I think clean up crew was out of there by 7:30 or so….John and Stan and I limped out to drive home before dark, so we wouldn't fall asleep on the way home.
Anyway, that's the routine- we 'd want to have about 8-10 names on the crew, with one volunteer who can be responsible for directing (The Clean-up Nazi). Lots of extra kukui nuts for this job!
Please email pj (