Saturday Training: June 29, 2013 Firecracker Preview Run

Aloha Athletes:

I don't know if you are feeling it also, but it feels like the month of June is passing at the speed of light! For the final Saturday training run in June, we will be meeting at the end of the pavement at Mokuleia past
Dillingham Airfield and Camp Erdman. The turn-around will be where the pavement begins again on the
Waianae coast side at Yokohama Bay. Be there at 6:00 a.m. (6:30 start) for approximately 10 miles on the Kaena Point trail. Jeff will be leading this run will be at a relaxed, training-mode pace. Speedsters will be on their own. This trail is flat, hot, with sun exposure. It is also a protected preserve area, so stay on the trail and use the gates accordingly.

It is summer, folks.  That means heat, and lots of it.  That means you need to carry adequate fluids.  Do not show up to run these trails without a reasonable amount of fluids, calories, electrolytes, and sunscreen. Do not go off of sanctioned trails. Be smart out there and do not take chances! Mother Nature does not take kindly to people who take unnecessary risks while playing in her domain. Last weekend's casualties remind us that being in Nature carries personal responsibility for our own well-being. Take it seriously, please!

As of this positing, there are 46 spots available for the Kaena Point Firecracker 10-Mile on July 6.  You must sign up on UltraSignup by Tuesday, July 2.  This is a super fun run and a great way to celebrate Independence Day.  It is a beautiful place to run and picnic with friends and family afterward. 

As we are training for runs or just training for life, we are blessed with great trails and the best weather and scenery on the planet. However, that blessing has gotten tarnished recently by car break-ins at two commonly-used parking areas; Pali lookout and Makiki pumping station (before the Nature Center). Be sure to never leave valuables in your car and try to make it look as uninviting as possible. Nothing puts a damper on a great run faster than coming back to a smashed window and personal items gone.

Have a great weekend and happy running!