2012 Tantalus Triple Trek Results (with UPDATED WOMEN’S results)

Aloha Athletes,

Yesterday's Tantalus Triple Trek was run under almost "perfect" conditions. Just the right amount of sun, mud, and fun to make sure everyone had a great time. I think there were slighly over 50 runners signed up for the 5:30 a.m. in the dark start. Of course the rabbits took off while the main pack of runners were happy to start at a bit more leisurely pace knowing the three loops can take their toll.

I know several people were trying to pace themselves at equal or even negative splits on the loops so starting off a bit slower makes since. 

Congratulations to David Carlson winning overall. Rosie Warfield was a repeat winner on the Women's side. 

We had some visitors taking part in the race as well and I believe 3rd place male, Andrew Kovaleviz, jumped into the race while visiting Hawaii from San Diego. 

2012 Triple Trek Results (UPDATED)

Mahalo to Race Directors, Sue Lohr, Heather McCafferty, and Fish for putting on a great race and spread of post race treats. Thank you also to Neal and Marian for manning the aid station at the road crossing. I know they saved more than one runner. Of course, John and PJ for making this all happen.

Robert Smith and his wife were out on the course taking photos as was Akabill. I am sure you can find the links on FaceBook.

Triple Trek has traditionally kicked off HURT 100 training for many runners. For now though many runners will focus on the final race in the HURT Trail Series, the Peacock 100K. 

Hope to see you all out on the trails.

Aloha, Bob