Peacock 54 is almost here !

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday 10-23-10 is the 3rd running of one of the toughest 54 mile trail races anywhere…the Peacock 54 ! Gordon has marked the course, the Coke and Mountain Dew are ready and the weather report says sunny, so plan for "hot". It should be a fun day !

The gate will be open shortly after 4:30 am and check-in will be from 5:05 until 5:45 am, so bring your $10 (and an additional $20 per shirt, if you want to buy a HURT Trail Series shirt). Gordon will have a short, pre-race meeting at approx. 5:45 am and the race will likely start by 6:00 am. Parking will be different than in the past ! We will be using the area next to (mauka) of the main airfield parking lot. Sign-in will be there as well. Aid stations: Rob Lahoe, WHAT A GUY !, will again be hosting an aid station at the "intersection" stocked with the usual…water, sports drink, Coke, Mountain Dew, and a few light snacks (chips, cookies, etc.). Thanks Rob ! Cheryl will be at the Long Road aid station and John & PJ will be at the start/finish. Both these aid stations will be stocked as usual. Bring your "reasonable-size" Long Road drop bags (no big coolers) to the start-finish and we'll take to Long Road. ..please put your name on them.

Pacers are allowed AFTER the first loop.

Volunteers ! We need all of you ! The "best" times to be there are: Long Road: 9am to noon and 4pm to 8 pm.    Start/finish: noon to 3 pm and 8pm to midnight…BUT we'd love to have you anytime. 

See you there !

Gordon and Don