Must see Chicago Marathon Finish!!!!


Even for the trail/ultra die-hards out there who shun the roads and any distance less than a 100 miles, you have to watch the last 3 minutes of today's Chicago Marathon.  Entered in the race were no less than 4 guys who had PR's in the 2:05's, all between the ages of 20-23.  Wanjiru, the Olympic champion and North American record holder went head to head down the stretch with Kabede, an Ethiopian runner and current London Marathon champion.  After Kabede's repeated attacks which would not stick, Wanjiru finally surged after the second to last turn with 500 meters to go.  The drama was only heightened by the fact that whoever won this duel was going to walk away with a cool $500,000 for taking the World Majors points title.  Tony Reavis, the announcer, was also on fire, at one point stating that Kabede's tough pace was like "taking a baseball bat to the other runners" and Wanjiru's "football" sized balls were also mentioned after Wanjiru put on his final move.  Enjoy the footage below.  The photo was of Wanjiru holding Nate after he won last year's Chicago Marathon.  We are trying to figure out how to get Wanjiru to train Nate to kick like this in the late stages of big races!

Aloha, Matt  

VIDEO LINK: Wanjiru Opens Up a Can on Kabede