Running Hope Through America: Lisa Smith-Batchen and Sister Mary Beth Lloyd

P1010087This is what Lisa and Sister Mary Beth looked like at the end of their 44th day of the Running Hope Through America (RHTA) project. Smiles on their faces and a feeling of accomplishment.

What I am learning about these two amazing women is that they are true givers. The reason they are doing this run is simple: they care. They want to make a difference in the thousands and thousands of orphaned children.

Saturday at Ala Moana Beach Park, fueled by early cloud cover, cooling trade winds, an enthusiastic group of local runner support, Lisa and Sister Mary Beth got to sample Aloha.

It meant smiles throughout the day, Lisa commenting that she felt like a "real runner" and a record time during this 44th day of running 50 miles.

I encourage all of you to consider making a donation to their cause. If you visit the RHTA web site, you can find out how you can make a donation. It is simple and every amount is welcomed.

This is what Lisa and the runners looked like as they finished.
P1010089 That is Mary, Clem, Lisa, Marian, and Barbi.  

Again, I want to thank all those who came out to support the runners throughout the day and made this visit to Hawaii special.

First, John and PJ for hosting Lisa and Sister Mary Beth in their home and also supporting at the run on Saturday.

David Carlsson who provided much support early in the planning of this event in Hawaii and in the form of a pop-up tent, rolling stick, leading them on their first lap and arranging a post run massage.

Mike Weston who came from California to run 50 miles with Lisa. Mary Siegel who lives here on Oahu and also ran 50 miles with Lisa. We hope to see Mary out at other HURT trail races. 

Others who came out throughout the day included Rob Lahoe who showed up early before the Mango's race to take photos, Judith and Wah, Rex, Cheryl, Jeff, Frank, Toney, John, Clem and Marian. Thank you.