Paul Hopwood Sends Western States Thank You From Auburn

Greetings from Auburn. Thanks for the support and cheers HURT.  Ultrarunning is such a beautiful and effortless endeavor- when things are flowing right. And such a tooth and nail fight when it's not- as you ALL well know.  This weekend amounted to the above and much, much more. Most goals met- some not, but leaving me amazed by the coolness and generosity of my friends old and new and the individuals in and around the ultra communitie.  And as I sit here- feet bandaged a little achy and battered, I feel totaly inspired yet once again, by the stunning wilderness, serenity of the mountains high  and  forest streams low.   So many people to thank ! So much love out there!. Ultrarunning – like life very much a team effort! In appreciation for all, mahalo's, and see you back  in the 'ISLINS' 

alohas Paul