Important Update on Photos Posted from Stephane Lacasa

Apparently there has been some confusion over the photos and links posted for Stephane's photos.

Just like Rob Lahoe sent in a link for his photos on the photo service he used, Stephane did the same. I think this is a great way to link or post photos to our site. Typically this is faster and allows the photos to be set up in a slide show format. It saves time versus having the photographer transferring all the photos to a disk and mailing or delivering it to me and then I have to upload them to the site.

The difference in the service Rob used versus what Stephane used is that Stephane is a professional photographer and he normally sells his surf photos. It was never his intention to sell photos to runners.

Julie and Stephane were out on the course on Saturday after talking with Race Director Cheryl and helped direct runners, (well at least most runners-Rachael, Johnny?).

The function that charges for photos on Stephane's web site is an automatic function. He needs to override this. Stephane is at work during the day and he will change this and refund any purchases that have been made by runners. He apologizes for this inconvenience. Stephane did check and apparently some runners have downloaded photos and been charged so again this will be refunded. If you have any questions or want to order photos, please contact Stephane directly at

Julie and Stephane were just trying to help out. I apologize for any confusion this has caused.