Saturday Training 4-24-10 “Peacock Options”

Aloha Athletes !

Looks like we are back to training as usual after a short break to follow Mikey around Oahu on his Perimeter 135 mile adventure. It was a gas ! We need to coin a new phrase for "tough", as "tough as a boot" or "tough as nails" just doesn't cut it, when describing our buddy Mike Muench.

Anyway, this Saturday you have the option of starting with the Gorgeous Young Gals Marian and Cheryl, by showing-up at 6:00 am at the bottom of Long Road or you can sleep-in and meet the Grizzly Old Coots Vernon and Don at the Dillingham Airfield parking lot at 8:30 am. However, don't be surprised if there's at least one Gorgeous Young Gal there as well. Surprise, surprise !

See ya there !  Don