HURT Loop March 6th–Looking for Guide


This is Robert P Smith and I’ve been following the HURT site for several months now and finally got out and ran the Pali lookout run with some of the supporters of the event, Jan M, etc.

I’ve hiked a portion of the course, from the Nature Center out to Paradise Point and back on the same route but I haven’t covered the whole course yet.

Saturday, March 6th, a couple of friends and I (possibly more) will be attempting to hike the entire 20 mile course based on the map and description from your site (thank you very much) but we’d really like having someone along with us that knows the course so we’re sure we’re following it correctly.  If, and I know that’s a big IF, anyone who knows the course is available and willing to be our guide we’d really appreciate it.

Right now we’re planning to start Saturday at 8am from the Nature Center but if someone is available Sunday vs Saturday we’re flexible in that regard and it would be worth it to have a guide vs not.

In Health,
Robert P Smith