Fun Run to the Sun

Aloha Athletes !

With Bram's March 6, 2010 date for the unofficial "fun" Run to the Sun fast approaching, serious chatter on the subject was heard last Saturday on Tantalus. Since it's not a race or not even anything resembling a organized run, anyone showing up at 4:30 am at the parking lot behind the IHOP at Maui Mall should come prepared. "Prepared" means, at the minimum, carrying their own water and food (since there will be NO aid), and arranging their own transportation down from the mountain. We are hoping to pool the transportation, with EVERYONE paying their share.

I'll be happy to see if Cheryl will help me TRY to coordinate transportation, so please let me know if you are willing to help by driving a van or having a family member or friend drive a van that others could share. Anyway, e-mail your transportation situation to me at and I'll try to help. Again, please keep in mind that we are friends and that we are all doing this as just a fun outing. It's possible that no one could show up. You could be doing it by yourself. Hmmmm???? That sounds kinda cool, huh?  Don