An opportunity to run up Haleakala

Kinda like Run to the Sun ….Sort of. 

Some runners from the mainland are interested in getting out of the frigid cold so…

To be accommodating to
our visitors we came up with Saturday March 6th. So it will be a TOTALLY
UNOFFICIAL event, you'll be responsible for your own transport, park entry fee,
nutritional and fluid requirement. We'll run the regular course starting at
0430 hours from the alehouse in Kahului Maui Mall. No fees, no rules, no timing
just fun…right.

Because of the short notice and since most of you will probably be
licking your paws from the HURT 100 doing it as a team would probably be the
way to go. If you are interested let me know and we'll keep you in the loop on
details etc. See you at HURT

Aloha Bram

Bram DenHaan
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