Training Saturday November 21

There are multiple groups going out on Friday night to do night loops and into morning.  I hear there is a 6 hour group heading out from the Nature Center around 6:00 PM ( not sure on the time parking at the water tank)  There is also a slower group heading out from Paradise at about 4:00 PM  with a 7.5 turn time planned over three loops.  

Saturday morning is likely to be either a HURT Loop or Paradise-Jackass Repeats depending on your time schedule.  There is a water stash at Jackass.  BUT you should be carting your own over the hill (good training don't you know) as it's the same people playing water waiter every week, nuf said there.   Departure time is 6:00 AM from the top of Manoa Road.

We are into the heart of HURT Training.  If you signed up for the race it is time to slip on the mudders and get onto the trail.  This weekend offers yet another chance to run through the night.  Charming time. 

Good running and see you on the trails  Aloha,    Mikem