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Hospice Run Information Post

Some last minute stuff about where and what :

The Stashes:


Each stash will have:


1: A five gallon Goodies container (with many kinds of edibles inside  a plastic bag inside the container.)  There is also a trash bag in there. Please use it. Please don’t drop chit on the trails as picking up opala will slow others  down!)  This will all be inside a black garbage bag.

2: A cooler with drinks:  Soda, ‘energy’ stuff, water.  Inside a black garbage bag.

3: Water inside the cooler black bag.



Paradise:  Just off road near fallen tree on Lyon Arb. side.  Mauka of fire hydrant

Nature Center:  Behind the bathroom, upper level, streamside of the far right Handicap parking spot. 

Jackass:   Ten yards before the stream crossing, off to right, back about 5 yards in bambo.


The stashes will be marked with Orange Tape.   One, warning along the trail, the second marking the diversion, a couple back toward the stash.  Ask the people you pass where it is if you are new to this.


Run Stuff:


I will be carrying a plastic bag for donations.  So will Don and Cheryl.   If you don’t see me you can mail it to me or bring it to the party the following Saturday. I hear the online payment stuff is not overly dependable. (They should have used Pete!)   The shirts will be at my car. If I don’t see you at the car then I will get the shirt to you the following Saturday.  (Neat shirts I think you will be happy!)


I’m going to put a mileage book at Paradice.  If you remember please note your distance so I can create a schedule and determine the awards.  Remember, you have 60 hours to accumulate distance.  Just keep on recording your miles or email me after Sunday.   I have some unique prizes in store for those who get out there and put in the effort.


Safety Issues.


This is training for everyone.  I have specifically avoided asking non-experienced people to come out and do these trails.  Please exercise normal training caution.  If somebody gets hurt the whole thing is off until we get them to a safe place.  




I hope to do eight hour loops starting at 10:00PM,  6:00AM, 2:00PM.  Leaving from Paradise. 


Paradise to Jackass  <2:30

Jackass to Nature Center >2:30

Nature Center to Pairodice  >3:00


Any alterations to this schedule will be posted to the Site as comments.  Check the site if you want to run with me.  If not just run, and I’ll see you along the way.  Or do a reverse and link up.


The rule is run, use the stashes, have fun, don’t litter, respect the aina, and the neighborhoods, worry about the other stuff later….or not at all.  Train well, be safe, and remember “There is no substitute for adequate training!”   Without that training, you will be hearing me whisper that telling phrase in your ear on a very evil HURT 100 night, and, if the spirits smile on me, I might even pass you. ( It's been known to happen!)  


Thank you all very much for your support and Aloha!  Mikem