Mikey Report

As of 5:45 pm on Saturday, our tough, tenacious HURT warrior Michael Muench has just left the Hawaii Nature Center accompanied by "The World's Best Pacer Who's Never Paced Before", Gordon Lau on his way to Paradise Park where Mike will finish loop #5…the 100 mark, and the start of HURT loop #6. Brenda and Fish plan to catch them along the way and Ernest plans to be at Paradise around 9 pm to accompany Mike for all of loop #6. At that point, with not enough time to do an entire 7th loop under Mikey's 60 hour time limit, the plan appears to be a Paradise to Jackass and back loop, to cap off what is likely to be the most extreme birthday in ultrarunning history.

There's still a little time to come out and show your support, even if it's being ther at Paradise when Mike finishes. For me, it's been a remarkable experience being a small part of Mike's support and being able to witness such an incredible feat.  Aloha all.  Don