NEW ! Peacock 54 “Relay !”

Aloha Athletes !

In addition to the gut-busting Peacock 54, we now have the only-half-gut-busting Peacock 54 option: The Peacock 54 Relay. It's all Gordon's fault, so give him all the grief…I'm totally innocent…like I always am. So, now all of you who have used the excuse "I wasn't able to train enough" (excuse #4) have no excuse…just find another runner as a relay partner, that can handle 27 miles of Peacock, and you're all set. Just keep in mind that the Peacock 54 solo runners get more bang for their $10 entry fee…54 miles for $10, while you only get 27 miles for your $10 (sorry, both you and your relay partner pay $10 each). Plan on having the first-leg runner at the start line at Dillingham Airfield parking lot at 5:30 am, for a 6 am start and calculate their finish time. Just plan on having the 2nd-leg runner at the start/finish in time to meet your runner…you know the drill. La-dee-da ! Too much fun ! Plus, you get to see all the pain and suffering first-hand from the solo runners, especially during the 2nd loop. You may thank Gordon at the end.

Don & especially Gordon