Saturday Training 8-8-09

Aloha Athletes !

After last Saturday's incredibly fun Maunawili Out and Back race, it's almost a let down to get back to business as usual. A BIG thank you to Marian & Neal for a fantastic job of making this race so special…all the way from the hilarious-pig-hype, prior to the race…to the race itself. No one does it better ! Marian has gotten quite a reputation for her cooking and she didn't disappoint…too yummy. Also a big thank you to her experienced team of volunteers…you guys are great ! Also, a big mahalo to Big John and PJ for always doing the check-in, timing and results. Congratulations to all the runners…especially Matt Stevens…who seems to be dominating the HURT Trail Series this year.

Okay, back to business. Cheryl sez that she wants to do Peacock this Saturday, with a 7:00 am start. Yep…no typo friends…that's 0700, no matter how you slice it. Gordon mentioned that he wasn't sure what the stash situation is…so plan accordingly…which means to me "carry plenty of water!" I know…it's tough hauling all that water up those hills…but "suck it up"…after all, it will make you stronger.

See you all there.