Peacock Stash

Since we're on the subject of stashes… 
The main Peacock Stash is down to 2-3 gallons.
I understand we might have some more at the stash by the trailer (start of the single track), but I can't verify that.
The jeep road is pretty accessible right now, due to all the bulldozer work, but it's still best tackled with a 4 wheel drive.
I can't make it in my car, but I will bring extra $$'s to the TTT this Saturday to give to the person that volunteers to drive up there and replenish the stash.
If anyone can manage this please post here so I know who to give money to. 🙂

Vehicle access to Peacock requires an access pass. The link below will let you print out a form that can be faxed in.

— Sean