Experienced Runner Visiting from CA. Looking to Run HURT Loop


I am an ultrarunner from California who will be visiting Oahu from August 9 to August 17 on business.  I would very much like to run one loop of the HURT course with another runner who knows the course and is willing to accompany me.  I would like to run early in the morning on either August 13th, 14th, 15th or 16th.  I promise to provide morning coffee and a nice lunch to whomever volunteers for the job!  I have completed many 50 mile races (best time 7:46 this year; usually between 8 and 9 hours), the Miwok 100K, the Angeles Crest 100 miler (last year) and the San Diego 100 miler (this year).  I will run Angeles Crest again this fall and Western States in the spring.  I don’t want to go particularly fast, but do want an experienced trail runner.  If there is anyone you know who doesn’t mind going for a vigorous 20 mile morning run and showing me the course, please contact me at harris.goodman@chw.edu 


Harris Goodman